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According to Islam, the origin of Jews and Jesus take the wheel shirt was not a religion. They were just referencing the follower of the prophet in their time. The follower of the prophets from Moses till John were called Jews, and the follower of Jesus till the birth of Prophet Muhammad was called Christians(Nazarene). Their religion was still the same that is Islam. Biblically, Jesus Christ cannot have a daughter. If he did, then it would imply he had sexual intercourse outside of marriage (unless of course one of the disciples neglected to mention Jesus’ wedding, which is highly unlikely). Therefore, if Jesus did have a daughter (or any offspring conceived out of wedlock, for that matter) it would contradict the very basis upon which the Christian faith is founded: Christ died an innocent and sinless man, bearing the sins of the world on his shoulders, thereby incurring (and satisfying) the full wrath of God. It would have been extremely unusual for a Jewish male of 25 to 30 to be unmarried.

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And, it was Jesus take the wheel shirt to write about someone important and completely ignore any mention of their wife and family, especially if the person deliberately chose to keep family matters private because he was worried about his family’s safety. So, it is very reasonable to believe that Jesus of Nazareth had children. Second, where do you get the idea that Jesus was “hanging out” in “dark orchards” with his disciples? The phrase “hanging out” puts a very carefree spin on what Jesus was doing. In fact, Jesus had a mission and there wasn’t much time for “hanging out”. Also, while the Bible does mention orchards, it does not mention “dark orchards”. Again, a descriptor you have added for your own argument.


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