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Val Pollard I’m finding myself more and more gobsmacked at the Jesus The all time saves leader shirt density of the public in this country. The lockdown was never about saving YOUR life, that has always been your responsibility. Remember the slogan ‘Stay Home, Protect the NHS’ The lockdown was to stop the NHS from being overwhelmed. There was always going to be a 2nd, probably a 3rd & 4th peak of cases but it’s up to us how bad they are. You’ve all moaned for years about the Nanny States so drag yourself out of kindergarten, grow up and take some responsibility. Lorri White Take care of your loved ones and keep safe and use your common sense. The virus has not just suddenly disappeared it is still claiming lives every day.

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Kathryn Crowther, We have a Jesus The all-time saves leader shirt choice. Go out or stay at home. Personally I think people will flock in droves to parks, beaches and McDonald’s so I’m staying close to home. It’s nice to be able to spend time outdoors though. I don’t drive so rely on public transport which is very sparse so going further afield isn’t easy but please don’t discriminate against us by saying don’t use public transport but go as far as you like by car. Sarah Hall Right decision well done Boris. Elderly infirm and those at risk are still in until week 12. Those that can be going back to work. I feel if you are well and healthy the chance to see the countryside or a beach for a bit is a blessed relief. If you feel you don’t need great but for those that do it’s just what the doctor ordered.


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