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These days they can write want they want because by tomorrow it will all change again because of new information. The Jesus True Story shirt government is working on the same rules. Baffling times to live in, and all media-fuelled with sensational headlines that mean naught. Why tell people this because some people are now going to start meeting mates, have family reunions. Then it will rise again. Good news but it worries me that there will be people reading this who think it’s OK to live as ‘normal ‘ but if that happens the figures will soar again. This virus is still out of control and we still have to abide by the rules.  Wheres my hat. I’ve lost my tin foil hat. OMG! If I dont find it, there going to take over my mind and control me. It’s not like they control us all anyway. This was going to happen as most people will follow the rules and stay at home. Also, the figures were going to level off as there was a lag from Christmas and new year.

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A plateau just means the Jesus True Story shirt number of infections is stabilizing at a high level, not yet dropping. There are plateaus in Bolivia over 4000 meters above sea level …If everybody is acting according to the guidelines.. we would be getting a better result. The situation will be very critical if the public is behaving selfishly.

If this is true then it is good news at least, but it doesn’t mean we can get complacent. We should all continue to follow the rules, stay at home as much as possible, wear face coverings, social distance, etc, Until most people are vaccinated as that is the only way we will overcome this. Let’s keep it going and stay safe everyone. Which does NOT mean that you can go and meet your mates or have a family reunion.


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