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The Joe and Kamala shirt fact that Trump’s supporters don’t care and won’t believe anyone but him is frightening! If he doesn’t go to prison the man isn’t going away. he’ll be in American politics one way or another for years to come. The whole process of denial and recounting and trials has one big plus. That is we will see Trump lose twice. Which is really funny to observe from Europe. Now we need Georgia to go BLUE on the Senate Seat race in January, so Biden can get this country going again and not have to deal with the obstruction of Moscow Mitch & others. All this election brouhaha that’s happening in America after the elections if it were to be in an African country they will tell us that we are backward. Trump should step down and handover immediately. In my language, it’s said that “small shame is better than big shame. Trump has gotten away with criminal behavior all his life. Remember, he can’t lose in his mind because his extremely fragile ego will not accept the reality of having been a one-term president. His sole purpose is having the trappings of power to destroy built by the various US governments during the last 60 years. He is driven by fear of being seen for what he is and hate for all nonwhites and women.

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He despises his supporters acknowledging that they are ignorant and Joe and Kamala shirt gullible. He is absolutely scared of having to face multiple criminal investigations and lawsuits in January. The more he demands a recount the wider the point spread and he continues to fall further behind. This is why he’s the worst leader ever, can count, and can’t see the obvious in front of his face. He needs to leave now so people can live!!! It’s just criminal what Trump is doing.

Everything that man touches turns to crap. Look at Rudy, the most beloved mayor in the country, and now a laughing stock. There should be a government branch to deal with these situations. Trump would make himself a dictator if given the chance. It’s kind of fun to see trump lose again and again and again. However, his blocking the transfer of information to the president-elect is dangerous for the people and also puts our democracy in jeopardy. The people have spoken.


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