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So how many of these “there was no policy! Joe Biden 2020 Corn Pop shirt ” people didn’t like Hillary Clinton because she laughed weird or didn’t like Elizabeth Warren because her voice is too high. Now they’re complaining because Biden’s policies aren’t being spoon-fed to them and they actually have to type in a website address. Governing is hard. Biden is aware of that. He cannot please everyone, but he can get closer to actual leadership than the 45 has ever done. Healing takes time and yes, medical care for all is a goal worth voting out 45 and giving the country a chance to move forward for all rather than for greed. Those who say that they do not need ‘light’ do not know to understand the concept of ‘light’ and what it represents. They do not know what they want. The state of the world today is because of people that are driven by darkness, greed, selfishness, corruption, etc. People who do not have the care, love, or compassion for human life and dignity.

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So think again before you say, ‘you do not need light’. It is the Joe Biden 2020 Corn Pop shirt ‘heart’ of people driven by ‘light’ in seats of authority that change the world. Having a health care policy is not the same as having health care, public options have high deductibles and copays, then you have to take off work to see the doctor, then there’s the negotiated rate surprise, Health care improvement has been election agenda over the last 40 years and only got worse when the government gets the same health care as the working class, only then might it change.

No one should have to burden themselves with insurmountable medical bills risking house and home. Just going to put it out there for those who know but this about universal healthcare. You don’t wait in line for healthcare, you don’t wait for surgery and you choose your own doctor. Why do you think Americans living near the Canadian border drive over to buy prescriptions? Only Americans allow their healthcare providers to gouge them.


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