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Dangerous, embarrassing, insane. It’s time for Joe Biden 2020 Flag American shirt end. Trump has brought peace to the Middle East, he did make America great again with a low unemployment rate and great GDP growth. The UK is a low-class country, the only asset left is perhaps the Queen. The Dems caused 4 years of trouble to the president and the citizens of the USA, cheated the election, and expect Trump to roll over and give up lol sorry won’t happen, he will win in the end. The facts are conceding no certification legal proceedings are underway so for everyone to get cozy in the Democratic Party seems premature and I’m not at all going to be shocked if there’s more drama to come in this getting overturned.No mention of needing to see proper democracy implemented. He should be supporting the effort to validate the result not wanting to brush it under the carpet. So if Trump won the election would Biden be an embarrassment if he didn’t concede?

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Joe Biden 2020 Flag American v-neck t-shirt
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Best Joe Biden 2020 Flag American shirt

Crooked told him not to Joe Biden 2020 Flag American shirt concede under any circumstance! US Military commanders took an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Biden has won this election. If Trump will not concede then he needs to be removed from office by force. The only legacy left after the dust settles on this election is the corruption of the voting system, why are the democrats against an inquiry, are they afraid of something ?!!! If they were so innocent then they would want an inquiry to clear their name .

The position is bigger than the man! Mr. Trump is disrespectful to the name President of the USA and its position in the world. In the eyes of the world, there seems a great deal of dismay with how this has panned out and the refusal of Mr. Trump to concede the Presidential position.No it’s an embarrassment that he and complicit media are declaring him the winner. The media doesn’t declare the winner. This race is over when the electorate casts their vote and all lawsuits are settled.


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