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How many Democrat-run cities are boarding-up their shop windows as we speak? Joe Biden 2020 President election shirt That says a great deal about how those on the left will act if Trump were to win. Expect many ‘peaceful’ protests. I don’t see any good quality physical and mentally about this Joe Biden, He is too dull and corrupt to lead the American people, the difference is clear, he is a typical politician with a lot of unfulfilled promises. They should have opened this up internationally … Trump the only nonpolitician in politics.. clearly it takes a businessman to run a country and not a corrupt politician which is what America has had for 100’s of years. It’s scary to know that even if you win most of the votes, you do not necessarily become the president.

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Best Joe Biden 2020 President election shirt

Hope in the Joe Biden 2020 President election shirt key states people are no longer blinkered or refusing to believe that Donald Trump is not in it for the people, he is in it for himself and his own wealth. Biden is the only choice for us. Let him prove it. We’ve already seen the other ones performance.

We have one in the UK and cannot see him being removed until Brexit just destroys the UK. He is another one that puts the economy before people, he had a prime slot to put England into lockdown and which would have minimized disruption for schools, teachers, and parents but he decided to continue to push his pointless tiered system which anyone could have told him it wouldn’t work. Now teachers are frightened that they will get infected and bring it home back to their families who are under lockdown so where is the logic in his methods.


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