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Oh God and Joe Biden 2020 Trump your fired shirt Merciful Father, please give us Trump, he has been an awesome president.No matter the outcome please be civil and mature! No boasting and no whining depending on the side you choose. Let the last four years stay behind us and unite moving. The electoral college gives the nearly forty states of smaller populations a voice when elections are very close. Only used about three times, it has the purpose of preventing oppression of those lesser states by the cities. I find it remarkable that all the Americans who dislike Donald want this old man who only likes black people when they are nearby as president he will be crap come on Donald you have my vote I like trump.

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Please take this soulless buffoon out of the Joe Biden 2020 Trump your fired shirt office. I’m sure America will live through another four years if he wins, just as it did in every previous decade/election (where both sides were convinced it wouldn’t), but this has been a really tough go. We served our time. Free us (and the world) of him. Vote wisely your vote is very important to continue being a first world nation, safe, economically growing, protected families, respected culture and religion, and pro-life. Vote for Trump.

From the states and I can’t believe there is even the slightest chance Donald could win the election after dealing with this circus of an administration. What worries me is that he’s going to jail if he doesn’t get re-elected so he will simply refuse to accept the result and claim that the result is fraudulent then there will war in the streets.


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