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I could never have imagined any other president embarrassing the Joe Biden 46 president LGBT shirt US such as this one has in his refusal to accept the obvious and go with grace.  Biden can’t get started for he has been unable to slay the Beast of the American political system. Gore did not concede until mid-December after SCOTUS ruling in Bush v Gore. There has to be a continuous government. A petulant child has had a tantrum because someone has told him that his toys are gone. Not once has he lashed out at Trump – as has happened in the reverse. He knows how we felt when we voted to unconditionally leave the EU, it took us nearly 4 years and a second election to get Brexit done. Biden still doesn’t accept that the UK should be allowed to leave so he knows what he can do.

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He (Biden) has behaved like a gentleman, Trump has behaved like a thug. I feel sorry for the Joe Biden 46 president LGBT shirt USA as what is going on at the moment there is doing an awful amount of damage to their credibility in the world around them. Donald Trump has been the worse thing that has happened to America he thrives on creating divisions and hatred amongst the population rather than trying to pull them all together.

Both Biden and Trump are I believe too old to be president you need someone younger, who is not a narcissist and has a bit more to get up and go about them, and also a bit of honesty wouldn’t go amiss but that’s rare in politics, unfortunately. I think Biden won because Trump was hated by many and not because he was the better man which really isn’t a good reason to be voted in as president.


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