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Sir Joe Biden I can’t wait to Joe Biden 46th US president shirt call you Mr. President. And Kamala Harris you will be our Vice president, both of you going to the White House today. No one can stop except God. And of course, you are in my prayer in every single breath. You are definitely blessings for Americans in this crisis moment. May God bless you and may God bless America . The difference can be seen in this pic. One wearing a mask, the other no. Two different approaches to a big and pandemic matter. Joe Biden is a humble leader with great vision and empathy for his people.No leader in the entire world has promised and ready to give his people 100% free medical Insurance, only Joe Biden. It evident, Joe Biden is a blessing in the life of all Americans.

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And with his leadership, the Joe Biden 46th US president shirt United States shall become greater again. I believe, the people of America know what is good for them, they need change. And Joe Biden is that change they have been waiting for. This is about a better future for all Americans. The victory is Joe Biden. I think the media have once again completely ignored the facts to make their stories more exciting.

Sadly it’s going to be a Trump win, the Democrats had no chance going up against a personality with a blank old man. If Trump loses he’s going to whine about it being a rigged election but if he wins it’ll have been all fair and honest. I don’t understand how anyone is taken in by his ravings. He behaves like a petulant teenager! We have four parties on the ballot but the big two have things so corrupted that the other two are always overlooked and have no real chance… maybe this time around we should give one of the smaller two a chance instead of picking the lesser of two evils.


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