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Joe Biden creepy Joe shirt


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Funny this. Us in the Joe Biden creepy Joe shirt UK had an election for prime minister last year. Now it is your turn. But the number of people that will turn on others or allow politics to get in the way of friendships etc.No matter what the results are just remember it doesn’t change who you are etc. Heading to the polls shortly, hoping for short lines but I will wait for every hour, every minute it takes to vote. Never felt like an election was this important to the whole world before. Wish us luck. Have to say Impressed with Trump’s relationship with North Korea and the Arab nations. He really has tried to encourage more relationships, more than anyone has ever done .So not true. And none of those accusations if true are as bad as child molester joe.

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Use a search engine called duckduckgo and Joe Biden creepy Joe shirt research it! Elections are supposed to be divisive since the Greeks discovered democracy. Hope the Americans make the right choice. But seeing some interviews I doubt they will. The whole world should be able to vote for the US President. That’s the only way to make sure they don’t make a mistake…Trump stands on his decision not being used by rich criminal peoples u can’t intimidate him as well as not like but he is a racist promoter now Americans decide at your own decision.
I couldn’t care if Homer Simpson was elected President. There are more important things happening in this country at the moment. Gosh, what anger and venom from some people. A world of calm rational people would be good particularly at present with a Global Pandemic. But then again perhaps people use bully tactics because they think it’s powerful!! This is just an observation. But people don’t stand in line for hours to cast a vote if they are happy with the current government. Let it be so.


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