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It’s because I really and truly believe, that Biden is experiencing dementia; he seems to Joe Biden Yer fulla shit 2020 shirt be grabbing for the right words, the right facts, and the right concepts when he speaks publicly. This is a man who has spoken publicly for decades, so it’s not nerves. He makes gaffes – a lot of them. Hey, everybody makes mistakes when talking once a while – I certainly do – but he seems to do it almost all the time. At the last debate, I actually rewound my DVR, because I thought he said that 150 million Americans have died since 2007, from gun violence. And yes, he did say that. And this is not an ageism attack. Bernie Sanders never seems to be grasping or making outright mistakes.

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I might challenge his Joe Biden Yer fulla shit 2020 shirt of statistics, or how to solve a social problem, but he certainly has mental agility and command of his faculties. Heck, my own mother was sharp to the end of her 90-year life. He cuddles into really close to people, placing his hands uncomfortably on your shoulder, and then proceeds to pull himself in or the other person in as close as possible, during pictures this gives sort of a rational explanation as they always sort of tell you to huddle in close or people always that inclination even if there’s plenty of room to spare and the distance doesn’t need to be so compressed. I think he takes advantages of seemingly innocent situations and it gives a guise for his desire to just get in some feels and act inappropriately, and because of his status and political position it’s emboldened to push the barriers further, even in front of camera and tons of people, I think he’s extremely confident and feels protected within that bubble to do whatever he feels like doing.


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