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No surprise;-( Let’s just give the Joel Embiid trust the process vintage shirt  Iranians more money, do what they tell us to do, and open the borders to Russian and China. Oh, wait! The Biden Administration is already doing that. Easily fixed. Iran can just give three months’ notice to terminate the Non-Proliferation Treaty. It was the Americans who broke the previous agreement. The other partners have confirmed that Iran was complying swarm of white people who will come and question the story, suggest there’s a fixation on color in BBC headlines, and preach something about focusing on character or some BS in 3..2..1When is this pathetic crap going to end? All people can be mistaken for others……BBC have a word with yourself……only trying to stir things up as usual. Interesting article that is reporting on the science of how we process faces and recognize people. Some seem to be triggered thinking this is the BBC driving a divide. Instead try taking away from the article the fact that we need to acknowledge how our brains work and make more of an effort with those, such as colleagues, with different ethnicities to us. Ethnicity, minorities, and racism are news right now, so instead of trying to defend unconscious bias, learn more about the impacts on those around you so we can have a more inclusive and equitable society.

Joel Embiid trust the process vintage shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

Joel Embiid trust the process vintage hoodie
Joel Embiid trust the process vintage  ladies-tee
Joel Embiid trust the process vintage sweater
Joel Embiid trust the process vintage v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

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