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Is the Joevember Biden Harrris 2020 shirt man being an embarrassment really a surprise? I mean, at this point did we expect something else? I wished, certainly. I hoped, most definitely. We don’t have much of a choice. We already made that. If the pre-coup warm-up is just a game they’ll lose. If they actually try it, they’re done. 2020, nifty. Trump is hanging on because he’s so afraid he and his corrupt family are going to be investigated for all his illegal dealings including tax fraud. President-Elect Biden is 100% correct that Trump’s actions will only serve to further tarnish Trump’s “legacy”. He will already be remembered as the worst president in American history, but now he will also be remembered as the whiniest and most childish sore loser in history.

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The same people telling Trump supporters to Joevember Biden Harrris 2020 shirt give up the voter fraud argument are the same who screamed about Russian Collusion for over 3 years. If the US attorney general believes he has serious, serious, and consistent evidence to order his prosecutors to investigate voter fraud, there is a fraud. Then Mr. Biden and his young co-formula are in trouble. A sad day when Democrats and mainstream media don’t recognize constitutional rights when there is obvious election fraud going on in multiple States.

Nice work liberals. If it were this close the other way, if Trump was in the lead in all these states, the media would be screaming… this isn’t over!. Stand outside your own bias and think! I can’t wait to see how Biden concedes. Fast? Slow? Bitter? Tail between legs? Hide in the basement? Shake Trump’s hand and congratulate him? So many questions in my head right now over this. Why should he? Biden wouldn’t.


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