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When we were renovating our master bedroom, Joey Tribbiani 23 New York shirt we found an empty crushed can of Pabst Blue Ribbon behind the drywall. Not quite as interesting as this story, but it explained a lot about the house. What a fantastic find! Curiosity would make it impossible not to sample at least one bottle, hopefully, the others will sell for a thousand dollars each. Why don’t I ever find anything valuable. It is fascinating to see how people make quite good quality video recordings of their renovation work, clearing old cellars (basements), etc. What a find! When we renovated our house the only things we found buried were a Victorian bedstead and a cross-eyed dolly head . I wouldn’t put them back in that place and display glass over it, when people realize the value they’ll be stolen, find another way to put them on display, perhaps local historical society. The spirits will be the same as when bottled, just show the difference in taste between then and now. Years ago I had some old spirits that the Army sold. It WAS different.

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At the Joey Tribbiani 23 New York shirt end of my street, an estate agent owned a house and behind it was a long shed divided into what could have been stables, although the roof was quite low. The estate agent died, and his son lived there for a few years. One day, doing something in one of the stables, he uncovered an old bottle wrapped in an old potato sack.

When he opened it, he found it was full of excellent whisky, though he could not see any brand. Over the next couple of years, he consumed around a dozen bottles, though I could never get him to give me anything but a vague “found another one last night! “.I tasted a drop, and it really was a good drop. He had no idea who had buried them there, or why, but I can tell you it was certainly appreciated.


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