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Embarrassed to JT City Girls Mugshot shirt even say what country I’m from these days.  For being such a proud gun nut, she sure doesn’t know about the laws in DC. Please don’t let this reflect on Colorado. The majority call her Bar Room Barbie. She is not a very smart person. We are ashamed and apologize. She’s such a patriot she’ll carry a firearm to protect her fellow citizens from a shooter, but won’t wear a mask to protect her fellow citizens from the virus that’s absolutely everywhere.“Ms.  Seriously, staff in a restaurant encouraged to carry a weapon. A publicity stunt by a republican trying to show how tough she is. Typical Republican crap instead of trying to improve the country. Imagine being so frightened and small-minded that you feel you have to carry a gun to your job in Congress. These people are pitiful.

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This just sounds like a media stunt. She has to JT City Girls Mugshot shirt know she’ll have to follow local laws. I bet she’ll try to bring it into Congress (with cameras on her of course) and then throw a staged fit on Fox News about how it’s infringing her rights to have to follow the law. Can you imagine working with mostly 70 and 80-year-olds, in a place where gun violence has exclusively never taken place and being scared to go there?

Because she is apparently terrified of those ole cronies to Arrest her if she broke Washington DC city and/or federal laws on carrying and/or concealing a weapon if she drove there from whatever state she’s from she might have broken some state laws on transporting a handgun through and across state lines.


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