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Good article. I congratulate the Judo Begins With Respect Shirt winner and Kosova for this achievement. Let’s hope the sport will bring people together to appreciate what is best in each other. May this example from a small country encourage all peoples from small countries. I hope soon Serbs and Albanians will get along well together and let the past behind. It is time to stay together and work together. I feel good for her, and all Balkan sportsmen who may win in Rio! When will Fardad Farahzad compete at the Olympics? Anyway, I beat him to like this… to me it’s like winning gold in Rio! has it occurred to the bbc that not everyone appreciates wall to wall coverage of the Olympics and I resent having to pay 140 quid to have this rammed down my gullet when you are turning your back on more important affairs going on in the world – get your act together. Kosovo, not only the new born country but the region was known for all the troubles like mid-east this day and this woman came out with flying colors in one of the most competitive games in the world in her field. She deserved the biggest applause. Don’t worry, the second largest population, India hasn’t won any medals yet so far in the ongoing Olympics.

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It was indeed the Judo Begins With Respect Shirt most beautiful and exciting moment for Kosovo as Malinda kelmendi’s single strides at the Olympics lifted their spirit of oneness. I can imagine the fantastic feeling of everyone from that region and I want to say congratulations to them all and the young athlete, you have really really done your country proud.

I wished you were winning it for my country Nigeria, but all the same congrats. You people are ignorant. Kosovo is part of Serbia. Letting Kosovo participate in sports is a crime and Kosovo under Albanian rule and control is a criminal entity. It’s sad how westerners average people or regular people are clueless and believe their lying media.


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