Just an Ordinary Demi-dad shirt


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It’s not illegal” is the Just an Ordinary Demi-dad shirt final, desperate, smug refuge of an evil person. The holocaust was legal. Slavery was legal. Apartheid was legal. In fact, I’d argue that the worst evil is the kind that makes itself legal in order to be perpetrated on a massive scale. There was no reason to hunt and kill these animals other than for sport and bragging rights. The only hunting I personally support is of prey animals, and only if you are going to actually take the animals you kill and have them butchered to provide an alternative source of meat for your family and/or friends. Any other reason for hunting is unnecessary and cruel.

Just an Ordinary Demi-dad shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, tank top, ladies-tee, and v-neck t-shirt

Just an Ordinary Demi-dad shirt
Just an Ordinary Demi-dad shirt
Just an Ordinary Demi-dad shirt
tank top
v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Harriette Saunders Anyone who takes pleasure from extinguishing the life of Just an Ordinary Demi-dad shirt another beautiful living creature has no soul. This man’s gloating smile depicts a character that lacks any of humans’ worthy traits. Susan Keefner How about we put you in a cage with a leopard and see how cool you think it is then! How many, in the wild, are left? Fawzi Eyad Taking such orgasmic pleasure from the extinguishing the life of another being tends to suggest a pretty significant level of psychiatric disturbance, which seems to be far more prevalent in the US than in most other countries that claim a similar level of civilization.

That such pleasure is achievable in such a primitive way suggests a disrespect for life that is disturbing in its attitudinal implications towards other life forms including us. Emily Brown Seriously disturbed individual. John Jarmon I can’t stand hunting for sport. We need more compassion in this world. These actions were not “out of character” for you. They showed your true character. Absolutely despicable. Look at that nasty, gloating, callous, bloodthirsty expression – it says it all. Disgusting. You did not “harvest” them, you murdered them for your sick pleasure.


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