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Well done to Just one more Rat I promise shirt both for honoring your words great however I would advise people, to get any agreement in writing.People like this gentleman are sadly as rare as rocking horse poop. That’s the old school folks, they have respect, honor, and morals. People these days wouldn’t care even if you needed a dollar for food. At least someone on this planet has morals and believes in keeping his word, shame this is becoming less and less the norm and we find ourselves being surprised when it happens! well-done sir! I did laugh at the ticket being bought in “me no money” though. But just goes to show there are still decent people in this world who are true to their word.

Just one more Rat I promise shirt, hoodie, ladies-tee, Tank top, sweater, and v-neck t-shirt

Just one more Rat I promise hoodie
Just one more Rat I promise  ladies-tee
Just one more Rat I promise  sweater
Just one more Rat I promise v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

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Now they can enjoy it together…no point having all that money unless you can enjoy it with the Just one more Rat I promise shirt people you care about. Friendship clearly worth far more than money. And with them both having the share, their friendship can continue into new adventures together. A wise man for sure with decent morals.Such a wonderful surprise! It sounds as if these people are sensible enough to put 90 percent into investments, for the interest-income, with just enough before that to get their debts off their plates, & have a little fun.
white people always show their name and faces when they win the lottery? where I live they would never do such a thing, and won’t tell anyone except their closest.Still good people around. Great credibility honoring the handshake and forking over half of the winnings.Hope they both live long and enjoy their good fortune.How I really wish my friend can do that. It’s totally normal for a friend NEVER notify and share the whole pie with you. Whether good, best, or whatsoever friend you have is not always a good friend.


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