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I grew up with a really strict mom while my dad was more chill and laid back. With that said mom controlled the Just the tip I promise cartel ink shirt and dad had little to no say in the “household rules” that my mom had. (none of these ‘rules’ were ever written out and were constantly adjusted and changed so basically when you obeyed somehow you were in trouble and when you disobeyed you were in trouble it sucked). Anyway bc I grew up like that I was constantly afraid of getting in trouble and as I got older mom always told me “as you get older you get more freedoms” ha funny bc I feel like I had here breathing down my neck more as I got older and had more rules to follow.

Just the tip I promise cartel ink shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee and tank top


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Oddly enough one of her main rules was Just the tip I promise cartel ink shirt in the Bathroom. Yeah so while some people could do their business and idk watch a youtube video it was not like that for me. On top of that, I wasn’t allowed to lock any doors especially the bathroom door bc when I was a kid and got mad I’d lock myself in the bathroom and they’d fiddle with the lock till it opened. So if I was ever taking too long in the bathroom mom would just walk right in and go through every drawer and possible hiding spot looking for my iPod/phone.


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