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Spontaneous fun is also something I’m proud of. Keep Calm And Call John Wick shirt We recently started having spontaneous dance parties in our house before bedtime where we blast music and everyone dances around the house. Or even just spontaneously deciding to have a pizza and movie night and let the kids stay up later than usual makes things fun. People certainly aren’t having kids for actively moral reasons. But is it immoral?  You decide that some people are gonna exist. You can affect their quality of life but ultimately you can’t control it. It is not fair to keep on popping out children with the expectation that the older ones will help out. They were not involved in the decision-making process to have another child whatsoever, so they shouldn’t have to deal with the consequences of that decision. Children should be able to BE children when they are young. They shouldn’t have to take on adult responsibilities like child-rearing unless they make that decision themselves one day.

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The effects of delegating child-rearing to the Keep Calm And Call John Wick shirt older kids are nearly always negative, in my experience.  But when they no longer have an audience, they stop with the nice act. They either criticize or talk about others behind their back. Parents who are emotionally healthy love their children no matter what. When their children do something wrong they’ll punish them but it’s still obvious to the children that they are loved. Narcissists don’t display love for their children. They don’t have the ability to love their children, so they will only give out conditional love, like when you are succeeding in something or when they can brag about you to their friends.

When mothers look at their daughters, they see youth, they see the beauty and so a normal mother would want to nurture that and help that flourish and grow. But a narcissistic mother is jealous and will actively try to destroy her daughter’s self-esteem, even competing with her. Narcissistic mothers especially compete with their kids the minute the child is born. If someone pays more attention to the child than her, she will resent the child. Narcissistic fathers may become extremely jealous when the children are growing up and start seeking independence.


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