Kinda busy being a Chihuahua mom #quarantine 2020 shirt




Zeke Zeman These people must be crazy and Unhuman. 1 slice short of a loaf me thinks… I could find a lot better things to do with £20,000 it could help with looking after my disabled wife, I could put it in a trust fund for my 3-year-old, or take them away on a nice holiday… I could think of loads of things. Linda Williams That is a Kinda busy being a Chihuahua mom #quarantine 2020 shirt  truly disturbing and sad story that someone would waste so much money. There are people across your country trying to work out whether to put off paying the gas bill so there’s money for food and rent. It feels insulting to every hungry person in the world.

Kinda busy being a Chihuahua mom #quarantine 2020 shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee and tank top

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Jean Bosson, I love my dogs and would do anything for them, I am a vegan however this is disgusting. So many other beings are starving and she is doing this! She should be ashamed of herself. Kerry Pennington Although this is very weird they are not going to be breeding these dogs (thank god) and they don’t even live in the same city they only meet up a couple of times a Kinda busy being a Chihuahua mom #quarantine 2020 shirt year….. but I can think of better things to spend 20grand on! Ravi Kiran Pendyala I think some people are over blessed with money. Like too much money. Too much of freedom turn liberty into mental illness. And Nail polish to the dog. There is something seriously wrong with some people in this world. Gez Taylor This is either an April Fool’s prank or it’s about a very weird woman. Wouldn’t there be more joy to gained and given from doing something for abused animals? Marriage between dogs? Madness.


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