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I totally disagree with this! There is no way on this earth can staff follow the King of the street shirt social distance guidelines! Delivery only or not, again you are putting people’s lives at risk delivering the food which is not essential, plus they will get inundated with orders and the staff can’t cope with it putting them under pressure and more likely to unfollow social distancing rules! Right now, this is a very stupid idea! The longer the lockdown goes on the harder it will be to keep people inside. Big names like these “opening” are just leading the way to others thinking we can go back to normal. There is no way their staff will be able to follow social distancing. This should be stopped. It’s not essential in any way, shape, or form and it is selfishly putting their employees and their families at risk.

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So putting more people back into the King of the street shirt workplace, commuting to work, etc, even if they are doing takeaway only, staff still have to work, this is just profits before people again. People don’t need takeaways right now. If this happens it’s a waste of the entire lockdown. It’s too soon. It’s just encouraging people to go out. Are people that bloody desperate for a take away they are willing to risk lives? These businesses are opening out of pure greed.

It’s irresponsible much is made by many businesses about free or reduced costs for food for the NHS workers. My daughter is a nurse working 12-hour shifts, she starts before these places are open and finishes after they close. Plus she goes home immediately to shower to limit the risk of infection. On her days off she chooses to stay at home apart from absolute essential shopping as she risks infecting others. How can she avail herself of these ‘wonderful’ offers which will be on for a limited time? She can’t.


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