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That is NOT going to happen. They are going to Kiss meets the Phantom of the park shirt have to find a better way. Telling people to stay home then saying go to work if you have to (well everyone has to work and it’s essential to do so) and then saying more tube service should be provided makes no sense. Construction worker’s safety a joke. Like a forgotten army. They have families to come home to as well. Where are health and safety now ay.No one person to take lead. Please go home to your families, stay safe keep them safe. your family is the most important thing you will ever have. Perhaps factories that are not making essentials should be made to close, hundreds of people are being expected to travel into work to make nonessential goods because greedy owners want to scrape every last penny out of their staff.

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They then have the cheek to Kiss meets the Phantom of the park shirt say your health and welfare are our priority, but it is near impossible in these places to properly maintain safe distances and these people are touching products passed hand to hand from each other. Some of these companies are buying up tones of PPE and cleaning products which should be for the health industry. What’s wrong with you people, I can’t believe people are actually against the lockdown, what is essential now is stay home… you wouldn’t realize it unless it comes to you, we are in lockdown and we don’t have many cases, but we don’t want it to spread any further either….respect this.

I know there are some folks that due to the nature of their job can’t do it from home and have to go out and that’s understandable, but the ones that can please let’s practice these guidelines so we can stop this virus from spreading more and more! It’s ok if you don’t have bosses that say you still have to go into work even though all the people have gone home in the office to self-isolate but you have to clean their office and they say you can stay at home but you will not get paid.


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