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Pauline Coles Why haven’t these doctors and nurses got the proper equipment they need, all the donations that have been going on in Facebook and still hospitals without the equipment to help them to stay safe. They have families as well as the US please give them the equipment to help them stay safe. Who knows when we might need their services. God Bless you all. Scott Szeglwski My understanding is that it was the lifespan of Kiss-Unmasked Ii T-shirt the elastic head straps that drove the expiration date. In the US, they were reassessed and found to be just fine. If true – what’s the problem? Would you rather have them all thrown out? I can’t believe medical professions are complaining about this.

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Yes all key workers should have access to the required PPE, but the expectation of some that the government and the manufacturers can just exponentially increase production and stocks overnight (for the whole world as they are running out of PPE too) is completely out of touch, do people honestly think the people on these production lines can suddenly triple or quadruple their work levels? I suspect the date is more to do with the regulations around medical devices and the requirement to have a date to Kiss-Unmasked Ii T-shirt  be put on them. Manufacturers won’t test them beyond a certain period. The original date doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not safe.The mask is still good to go. There is a place called SMTL surgical medical testing laboratory. They would have OK d them to use.


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