Land of the free home of the brave shirt



Justine Sanford Well, not really pal. They’re just stating that this statement is Land of the free home of the brave shirt, not a fact. They aren’t taking it down and deleting it (or are they?). Because free speech doesn’t just apply to him. He can say whatever lies he wants, and we can say whatever truths we want. Cris Gonzalez How great would it be if Twitter suspended his account temporarily just to teach him a lesson. Keith Gold hair Quit calling this a distraction! The President of the United States is signaling his open contempt for the most important rights in our Constitution, let alone, demonstrating an utter lack of understanding of what any of it even means.

Take this seriously. Louise Barker Not going to bother either reading this, because he has already shown in the last couple of months that he has nothing useful to say! … so no I have not read it, and I have no intention of doing so… even though being English I do read other BBC news reports… but with him not being English and coming out with wierd ideas… by mind tells me to stop reading… to start with I laughed, but now the whole situation I find over funny 

Land of the free home of the brave shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

Land of the free home of the brave shirt
Land of the free home of the brave shirt
Land of the free home of the brave shirt
tank top
v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

James Walsh In other news the Land of the free home of the brave shirt   President doesn’t understand a thing about free speech or how “fact-checking” isn’t censorship. Chuck Hegberg Can’t shut them down but sure can cut the tax subsidies they get. They have been censoring free speech from the beginning because they determine what is free speech. Alice Garrett Free speech does not mean you can lie and get away with it. Hasn’t both he and his wife files suites against many people for the same thing. John Payne his threats are as empty as his head he is totally clueless about the laws in America


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