Land of the free home of the brave shirt



It makes you wonder. Alex Didcott Nooooo…really?! Who’d have thought!!
Matthew Fye, I read as far as “scientists ” and comparing data from Land of the free home of the brave shirt two years! .Garry Paul Campbell Had a suspicion this has been around a lot longer! I had it over Christmas! The death toll from this is probably at least double! Misbah Ullah China was telling Chinese Truth and still is saying the same Chinese Truth. Its time for the world to unit and do investigations about the involvement of WHO as well. Mary Ruby, There is so.much here say out there of people being so very ill long before cases were confirmed. It’s old news now, I’m sure we will never get to know the whole truth!

Land of the free home of the brave shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, tank top, ladies-tee, and v-neck t-shirt

Land of the free home of the brave shirt
Land of the free home of the brave shirt
Land of the free home of the brave shirt
tank top
v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

Mariah Claus The WHO lied to please China, countries lied to Land of the free home of the brave shirt its people to please China because all they care about is profits! And the people died for it! It’s a circle that always goes back to effing dirty China! Wong Man Most things come from that country, no wonder why they are refusing an independent investigation. No smoke without fire. A sick regime that the country has. Haris Noah “Suggest” What do you mean by it??? There is already so much chaos in the World, don’t spread such hypothesis and conspiracy theories! Tiana Jenson, They have reported to the police information about Maddie McCann!!  Look into Naomi Seibt in Münster Germany!! That is Maddie!!! Nobody is following up on it because they know there busted!!

Shady Amiya Ranjan China should be cornered by the world, this is the opportunity to hold them accountable for human rights misconducts that they been doing for ages. Recent ones being the Muslim concentration camps. Sidi Sinatra Keith Last week after seeing a post about the virus been here early I wasn’t surprised…. during end of November to December I have had a really severe flew with respiratory problems. I’m in my 30s but got underlying health conditions.


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