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Sarah Duplisea, These two are obviously a Legalize kemp shirt bit bonkers and are trying to create drama despite their cries to the contrary. I’m sure at some point Harry will run back to the royal family with or without Megan. Jan Lovett, I would have said that it is questionable whether Harry wrote that text as the word apologize is spelled with a z the American way, with all his English education I very much doubt he would make this error. Now that might make a more interesting article? Nicola Bibby, You know what there is so much more going on in the world at the moment and it is so much more important. As far as Megan and Harry are concerned no one cares or very few people..Why does it always have to be about them.

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Geoff Law I am so sick of hearing about this self-centered pair. There are more important things to think about right now. In fact, it’s difficult to Legalize kemp shirt think of something that isnt more important. Sheila Bartlett Are they paying their own security yet. They need to change their disastrous PR company. Rule of the Royal family, never explains never to complain unless of course, you are an ex-actress. Bertha Hadzoi-Zvimba No matter how you paint them I’m team Harry and Meghan. Love is Stronger than Hate. Jesus won the victory on the Cross and Lucifer got sent to the bottomless pit of Hell. GOD loves Meghan and Harry and he’s on their side. We don’t care about those Lucifers preying on them because Victory belongs to Harry and Meghan.


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