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As we are all in unknown times we are all doing the Let’s have a moment of science shirt best we can including the government! Boris and all other world leaders are taking advice and trying to do what’s best with the information available. If people weigh up the advice and do the best we can to ensure the vulnerable are as protected as possible, it’s all we can do. Guess who be will vote out next general election! Absolute imbeciles! They have absolutely no medical acknowledgment yet docs from all over who have been on the front line of this are advising yous to lockdown now! And u still beat around the bush playing with vulnerable lives! I live in Cyprus and we are on complete lockdown, all bars, restaurants, cafes, shopping Malls, all tourist attractions are closed, only supermarkets, pharmacies, banks open.

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There are still tourists here trying to Let’s have a moment of science shirt get home but no flights in or out…so much confusion. Cypriot government saying anyone trying to get back home to Cyprus must have a medical certificate stating they do not have the virus & will only accept it from certain places in the UK, however, these places do not issue these certificates. Again so much confusion.Needs to force pubs and clubs to shut so they can claim their insurance. But he won’t do that cos then all his buddies in the city won’t get their fat cat bonuses at the end of the year. Meanwhile my child.

Now do what is right, put financial aid in place, keep emergency personnel free to work. Close the schools. Ensure the IT infrastructure stands up. And pray that your gamble is not as bad as it could be.self employed like me and so many 100s of 1000s of people in the UK are being thrown to the wall. for God’s sake sort yourself out and start supporting your country and its citizens.


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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.