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Rochelle Perks Wow what an LGBT a different world shirt backward country. Such a shame! I hope and pray for the safety of the LGBTQ community and I hope he’s not re-elected and someone else is that will stop all this! Angelika Jak It is truly heartbreaking to watch how aggressive and vindictive most of PIS supporters are! I’ve never experienced my country to be so divided and hatred.

LGBT a different world shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

LGBT a different world hoodie
LGBT a different world ladies-tee
LGBT a different world tank top
tank top
LGBT a different world v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

I just hope that people will come to their senses and vote for the LGBT a different world shirt opposition in the upcoming election! Maciej Krawczyk, It’s horrible, I feel sorry for everyone that experienced such hatred – this should not take place in the 21st Century, EU – I hope that there will be consequences for the government in the form of cut funds or sanctions. The funny thing is this word, as well as “bullying” or “mobbing”, don’t exist in the Polish language. It speaks volumes!!!!!!!!!!!! Grzegorz Moszyk I’m disgusted with the current situation in Poland. I can’t stand that simple people with medieval opinions decide what Poland is going to be. I’m ashamed of my people.  It’s a disgrace. An EU country!!

Nordia Gayle When were there ever a group of people not fighting for their basic human right? How can we come so far yet be so inhumane to one another? We are all human beings. This planet is ours temporarily. Let us love and treat each other with love and decency. #stopthehate.Ola Jablonski what a stupid video your BBC journalists made … how dare you show this country that way … shame on you BBC! Mark Skowron, There are currently 12 countries that use state-sanctioned executions for homosexuality but you chose to focus on Poland instead. Typical political bias from the BBC.


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