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Susie Miller All you have talked about all day is Liberties Guitar flag god bless America shirt  Cummings. A man says he saw a man that looked liked Cummings. So can we ring you and say that about anyone and you will jump on it. Questions from the public ONLY as we have questions that we want to be answered and NOT what the BBC and sky want during the briefing. Tara Swann Turned it off actually. The standard of “journalism” during the last few months from all the major networks and publications has been most distasteful. Tony Stubbs Has found the BBC almost unwatchable, its news this morning regarding people’s feelings about Cummings was seriously biased towards the government’s point of view rich Needham Seen as we have to pay for BBC. Why can’t we turn it on? We pay for it and the BBC gets the most coverage of this. Again why shouldn’t people turn it on? The question is. If we have a choice not to have it, encrypted?

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94 percent would not pay for it. Bye-bye BBC. Mick Blanche Where has this guy been, I stopped watching the Liberties Guitar flag god bless America shirt   BBC months ago, I truly hope Boris stops them from stealing money from my pension. Make it a subscription channel or allow advertising and let it stand or fall on its own feet. Cinechickens BBC documentaries and TV series are great! Gill Savage Well you turned more away than attracted from comments I have seen on here and other media accounts. Always ready to stir the pots of misrepresenting the facts which you have a major aversion to. Ian Edney He Must live in a’re reporter question during this pandemic have been appalling.


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