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India is one umbrella under the shade of which towns grow like weeds and Love skull weed flower shirt but in America, cities are synonymous with cultures. “LA is the loneliest and most brutal of American cities; New York gets god-awful cold in the winter but there’s a feeling of wacky comradeship somewhere in some streets. LA is a jungle”, Jack Kerouac would put it succinctly. Most people in that assembly seemed more interested in tearing the wrappers from the fun-sized candy bars we got at the beginning into minuscule pieces than they were listening to that guy. They left that morning forgetting all the information. Badmouthing the presenter because he was “so boring”. Not having a clue that it would cause the death of a fellow student in a few months. To prove that I am slightly to blame for this accusation as well, I cannot even remember the presenter’s name.

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No life is Love skull weed flower shirt enough to have nothing to be grateful for, but human beings excel at the art of mentally constructing problems that were never there. A schizophrenic ability that is inbuilt and meant to be lived with(the only thing love cannot cure). Like the outrageous pressure of attending to the pretentious prom culture or the assumption that the waist size of a cover page model is apparently the ideal size for a woman, or the common belief that wealth (not a character) defines your class, or sex needs to be necessarily special on all occasions and especially the myth that one needs to be in a cosmopolitan city to think cosmopolitan.


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