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It’s hard not to Mad Dog Vachon Unleashed shirt feel tremendous sorrow at the amount of good that could be done by so many other Texans as Governor rather than this man. I sincerely hope he suffers a loss at the polls at the next opportunity. Hey Gov. Abbot!!! How about if you look into improving the electric power system here in Texas instead??? Remember that historic winter storm a few months ago? When we lost power for days and so many died… Remember how cold it got???

Huge waste of money on a medieval solution. If Abbott were serious (he’s not, this just bolsters his credibility and fundraising power with conservatives), then he would simply pledge to prosecute and imprison any employer that hires undocumented immigrants. No jobs in Texas means no reason to come to Texas. But, his benefactors profit from the cheap labor and indentured servitude foisted upon these undocumented people. Take care of the grid!! Put more $$ into the schools! DO SOMETHING that’s actually needed in Texas and will do some good for everyone! Use some common sense for a change!

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