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Make America vote again shirt


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Are you afraid you will be exposed, Joe Biden, The Make America vote again shirt media only declared you the winner, not the court, if you are so confident in yourself, wait till everything is finished and the winner is declared. Just wondering if all the Republican senators who are supporting the call for legal action will refuse to accept that they have won as it’s the same process and ballot paper used for them too.is it embarrassing that Hillary didn’t, or that they tried for years to impeach him for nothing? Seems everyone in American politics is the same. It’s an embarrassing fact that our so-called non-biased public-funded broadcaster misleads its readers and viewers. Mr. Biden is not in fact President-Elect. Maybe you can get your new boss to discuss the completely partisan approach to the US election. Why have a system allowed for this confusion to be allowed!? It is embarrassing and rather tiresome and yes it is embarrassing.

Make America vote again shirt, hoodie, ladies-tee, Tank top, sweater, and v-neck t-shirt

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Best Make America vote again shirt

The Make America vote again shirt voting process has been a fiasco resulting in this ugly debacle. You are the embarrassment, Joe. You will receive what you deserve. If you should become the 46 presidents I will still honor the office, but not the man or VP. Some People have literally & purposefully use launching reactive techniques which insult democracy – pure public’s voting decision who they want to choose for the people and by the people.

Those folks~ their lesson to the world is showing a peaceful process for the sake of America’s dignity among other countries! People deserve good governing democratically but not with dictating acts! Please pay to recognize and Respect the United State of America and its constitutions! President-elect Biden has had his transition team in place for weeks, I’ve no doubt he already has his potential cabinet peeps ready to go, they already have raised over 7 milion for the transition. Donny behaving like a toddler was totally predictable and Biden planned for it.


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