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Thus, Ritual the Make Love Not CO2 shirt holy almighty universe, and the holy deities positively!!! that’s all demons work they can access in all the bodies…. thus, accept the holy creator by accepting super holily!!! In my opinion, this typical BBC scaremongering. It is a well-known fact that peat keeps the planet cool yet heavily peated scotch whisky is Prince Charles’s favourite type of scotch whisky. Interesting! Yeah and don’t let your Packham bloke blame cows for pollution. When the world stopped for covid the farmers still farmed and the cows were still grazing and pollution levels fell and smog cleared from cities. Birds were heard and the sky was clear. But how did the Earth have ice ages and warming periods before humans were on the planet if we are to blame for it now? It doesn’t make sense. We are living in the middle of an interglacial period of benign conditions never before experienced on this planet.

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It has lasted longer than could be expected and is the Make Love Not CO2 shirt reason that humankind has been able to survive in such massive numbers. It will not last for much longer in terms of galactic time. Anything else that scientists tell you is gobbledygook and psychobabble. We are not only all going to die, but probably all likely to die simultaneously at some time in the not too distant future. So enjoy life while you still can.
I hope CO2 emissions go through the roof after Covid is gone. The world is now knackered, as we have seen with riots. Let’s hope the world ends before this lunatic generation get in charge. Probably the real reason behind Covid is to reduce CO2 there was no other way to stop the insatiable energy demand.


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