Man Of God Husband Dad Grandpa shirt



Joanna Spice So I cannot spend time with  Man Of God Husband Dad Grandpa shirt my grandkids to them safe and me….but he can drive all that way to let his elderly parents care for their grandkids…..these double standards have to stop, surely he could have sorted/ paid for childcare without traveling! It’s not like he has no job, no money! Tara Lane Bowman Nothing says “I love you” more than bringing home a virus with no treatment, no cure, and no vaccine. Mary Young There has definitely been many instances of one rule for the masses and total disregard of rules and common sense by many affiliated with the government! Bradley Catcheside Interesting how many people defending Cummings were up in arms when Scotland’s chief medical officer did the same. She had the decency to resign.
Mary Holland So I can’t travel to see my elderly mum who lives 4 miles away… But I suppose I’m just a minion! Not good enough… Too many rules broke by the ones making them!! Resignation required and no pension!! Janice Robinson A loving son must check up on his aging parents, especially if they’re in a couldn’t-care-less home. Andrew Hunter Course he did and Boris would have known all about it. But if you’re a tory party member or adviser or politician.

Man Of God Husband Dad Grandpa shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

Man Of God Husband Dad- Grandpa shirt
Man Of God Husband Dad- Grandpa shirt
Man Of God Husband Dad- Grandpa shirt
tank top
v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt

You think the rules don’t apply to you! So you do what you want. Rules are for the peasants. Debbie Hands What a disgrace! I am still not allowed to see my MIL yet this prick is  Man Of God Husband Dad Grandpa shirt able to do as he pleases! I work on the front line so people like this man can travel hundreds of miles for child care. Wonder how many of the others who were isolating also did this? Jennifer Taylor, This man has become a complete liability.  As the old adage says, Mr. Cummings, when you are in a hole, stop digging (by BBC)




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