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I have worked on Master Yoda’s best chemist shirt vehicles for years, trucks, and cars. The biggest problem with them is the electrics. Pointless, if you’re in control of a vehicle you should be in control 100% of the time, not relying on tech to drive it for you but you still be alert enough to take the controls if it fails. More pointless tech we don’t need in cars so they can charge more. Its no problem now 5g is in place, this is 1 of the core gains out of lockdown. Just wait till machines start taking people jobs then people will realize why the government doesn’t need this massive population. I have owned Audi’s, Jaguars, and land rovers with auto-steering, auto braking. Auto parking etc and not one of them can do it right. My 2019 landrover can’t even get the speed limit right and often shows a 70mph sign in 30mph zones. This is a stupid idea by stupid people.

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It is Master Yoda best chemist shirt far from being proven technology, who will be responsible in the event of an injury or death? I bet it won’t be a corporate entity. And if technology goes wrong, will there be powers to remove a make from the roads aka Boeing Max aircraft. Who has taken the decision to play God with people’s lives, because they should be tagged for culpable responsibility? Good luck with the one track roads with passing places around us! Looks like two-track but really isn’t! It worries me that drivers won’t pay as much attention when driving hands free as they do when they are in control of the car, so won’t be fully alert if something happens and they need to take over the controls. Hands-free driving could be the saving grace for all our countryside pubs because the car will be programmed to take you home even when pissed. Smart Motorways & Hands-Free Driving a very dangerous cocktail. Driving licenses won’t be required at this rate.


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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.