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Unbelievable, what a wonderful young man he appears to Math Solves Problems shirt be, intelligence beyond his age, for sure he didn’t learn that glued to “a tv screen or the likes”.He is a genius, he needs help with the challenges he is going to face. May God help him meet good people who are not jealous or controlling.  Are they in the SPA now with their side chicks watching this ?? There are a lot of these incredible kids in Africa, even some not discovered yet, but only interested in power; why wouldn’t you gather these kids “NOW” and make Africa the greatest in the history of mankind?? Presently we are addicted to technology to calculate, so brains don’t work, This child awesome, God-gifted, Worked in finance and accounting most of my work life. Although I could solve the early ones, the last problems would have meant paper and pencil.

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I don’t want to Math Solves Problems shirt to diminish his skills, that’s fascinating, but he’s good at calculus, not math. I would like to see him get access to math, give his brain the room to develop that it needs! He would probably start getting the numbers wrong on the 4th decimal.

He tried to show how he did, and he did it faster than we could type it in on our calculators. This is quite an easy and quick calculation for anyone who has practiced mental math. The thing most people miss is practicing each of the sub-components. There are multiple methods of getting there, First thing to notice that zero’s at the end of numbers are quite easy and can be added at the end of the calculation. This is what every method of doing the multiplication can do.


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