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The Mayo Bowl Runner Up 2020 Shirt record made, most boring Super Bowl in History with very little talent showed. Neither team deserved to be there. I live in the Western half of the U.S. and I will tell you this game was the worst ever in the history of American football. Completely. There is a good majority of us who are not thrilled with the awful commercials, the poorly made reality show of the Halftime music, the band plays, the bad calls, the lack of effort from the Rams but the ego of the Patriots. The World Cup was more exciting. The Hallmark Channel’s Kitten Bowl was more exciting. The Guacamole was more enticing. It should have been Kansas City vs. New Orleans Saints. Let me just say that I pray next year is a whole lot better. Please pray with us. If you hold up a game of rugby league for two seconds you get penalized! You could have a holiday during the breaks in the Superbowl! Hate to say it, but to me, soccer is a better sport, much more interesting to watch, than American football. As a British citizen living in Boston, I have to say, this sport grew on me, I couldn’t help it, it just did. I am a life-long Spurs supporter but for several years I’ve been a Patriots fan too and tonight I’m a happy woman. I read something online that both teams were playing like they knew the winner would be invited to the White House….

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Both teams got to Mayo Bowl Runner Up 2020 Shirt play this only because of the terribly bad calls referees made in their favor during both championship games. Patriots are not new to this either. The ref’s motto seems to be: if in doubt just give it to the Patriots. Boring Superbowl anyway.

It should have been the Saints! They beat the Rams but lost to a really bad call by a referee. Everyone saw it!! There is no honor here. I chose to boycott this game and I take a knee. Well, those of us in New England applaud the accomplishments of our team! And, Tom Brady! 199th pick in the draft and has 6 Super Bowl titles!


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