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Metal Ass Bite My Shiny Solid shirt It really shouldn’t come as a surprise that a virus that has replicated trillions of times will throw out random mutations some of which have advantageous qualities such as ease of transmission. It’s called natural selection and has been around for hundreds of millions of years. The country that voted to take control of its borders is the only one that has left them open you couldn’t make it up. This is why the borders should’ve been closed, we can’t let people in our homes in case they have covid but it’s ok to let people in the country that may have it. This is what happens when you have porous borders. A govt that sat on the fence so long before closing them. And no proper foolproof quarantine conditions In other countries that have got a much better handle on this, people are sent directly to a quarantined hotel and watched there under security for 2 weeks. A small price to pay. Here the onus is on the public to ” do the right thing ” which means even if a few don’t, and they won’t, the risk is already there. This is what happens when the government spends several days dilly-dallying on whether to do anything. Given this whole thing started from one person getting on an airplane you would think they’d have shut the borders down and acted quicker. How long have they know about this variant? Yet the government will blame the public even knew it their fault cause they still and won’t close the borders.

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I am not a scientist but I can predict there will be Polish, Metal Ass Bite My Shiny Solid shirt German, Spanish, Italian, Swiss, Dutch, Canadian Peruvian Columbian variants, and so on too, and then they will divide these variants into subvariants later like Londonian strain, Berlin’s, Moscowian strains. Everything mutates so we should get back to normal life and end this mostly media-propelled paranoia. I wish people would stop talking as though this virus does not exist.
IT DOES. 2 of my uncles have died from Cold 19. I grant they were both elderly and more at risk, everyone is at risk from this, no one is immune. Please stop your conspiracy rubbish and that we are being controlled. We are NOT. I respect people’s believes, but for god sake just stop and be kind to each other. We are all struggling in some way. There is enough fear going around. Rant over. Have a good day.


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