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Palisades, Lincoln, and all the Metallica skull New Orleans Saints shirt other parks had large ballrooms and on the weekends they really packed them in. It wasn’t long before we heard the commotion of people entering the hall and jockeying for their seats. The murmurs of expectation from our audience got our adrenaline going and we took the stage. The curtains opened and we started our set. The kids were loving it. The fourth song in was a tune where I came out from the drumset, sang and played harmonica. This was always fun because we drummers spend our stage time in the back. I always enjoyed my time in the spotlight, but not this time.

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Metallica skull New Orleans Saints Hoodie
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I got about two notes of my harp solo out when the Metallica skull New Orleans Saints shirt crowd erupted. Suddenly there was a melee like we had never seen before. Everyone was punching, biting, throwing things, screaming…some were even harming themselves. The few attendants were quickly overwhelmed and kids were even ripping the wooden seats out of their moorings and beating each other with them. We had witnessed violence at the gig before, but never on such a massive scale. The curtains closed and one of the school officials ran onto the stage, yelling “Don’t play another note on that thing!”. So we went out when she was 17 and I was 20(i am very mature as I have been through a lot and seen other people’s lives too) she the youngest in the family. So we went for theater it was our first relationship for me and for her. Then they say forgive and forget to follow the Bible. When I’m rich imma get my other colored slaves. The real Lucifer that exists is the Whiteman that’s why I pity all Africans who worship that nonsense from them called Bible.


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