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Why must it be NHS or nothing? Miami University Alumni shirt This is so true…I’ve often felt like leaving the profession that makes me so proud to be in because of feeling undervalued. Sad times it’s about time the government recognized that there is a huge problem here instead of brushing it aside and ignoring the situation. Will the government please stop telling the world and his wife how much money and how many doctors and nurses have put into the NHS!!! IT ISN’T ENOUGH or the whole service would not be collapsing around our ears!!! After 36 years of nursing, my husband is now facing redundancy. All that specialist knowledge & training no longer wanted, not valued. This Ostrich mentality had now caused an NHS crisis which is worsening by the day to many Chiefs and not enough promotional posts in Clinical areas Bleat on about the aging workforce but don’t succession plan, similarly, constantly go on about people living longer but don’t see the need to recruit more staff to cope

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People are leaving nursing and teaching because of Miskatonic University Arkham Massachusetts Ex Ignorantia Ad Sapientiam shirt poor pay and conditions and instead of sorting out the problems, the Tories just plan to bring in more foreign workers on temporary visas- nice one So so sad. Chronic undervaluing for years. I’m gone, exhausted, burnt out, feeling like I was letting my patients down every day. 4years of training, degree, master’s, 14years of dedicated work. Sadly had to walk away…..leaving 5years of specialist knowledge, colleagues, the NHS, and families.

Say it clear stopped student bursary in England now no one wants to train, stopped final pension scheme now all those still in it and over 55 are leaving didn’t let pay keep place with inflation, demolished AFC and downgraded posts but still expect people meet JDs of the previous job for less money.


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