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Veronica Mayo Wright My grandma would hit you with whatever was next to her hand. Knife, spoon, fly swatter. Kat West Luca – we need to think of a couple of Halloween movies for your visit ? Aastha Jain Puneet Jain Trisha Chadha mummy ki flying chappal went abroad to come back as flying flip flop. Hughie Hilal Parents moved from Michael Myers Cereal killer shirt physical modern warfare to mental warfare, winning an argument? Self-esteem? The sweet joy of solitude and silence? All for the small price of 23 years of your life. Jeffry J. Sugiharto yup…cadocacacacacacado can’t argue with that flip flop. Nothing’s scarier than an angry mom chasing you with one of those three legendary weapons. I think most Asian know what are those? P.S: I will avoid the one with the feather

Michael Myers Cereal killer shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, and tank top

v-neck t-shirt

Bets Michael Myers Cereal killer shirt

Benke Banger Sombun Sara This is pretty much everything I been telling you about growing up in none white family household. Valentina Stojkovski ??? you will be locking your self in your room Maya, it won’t be the thing, you’ll cop the sukalo. Russell Tan Asian mom will beat you with a slipper while forcing you to practice the piano with a dictionary balanced on your head while you kneel on a wooden washboard. Kashish Key Singh Anju Singh – or flying Prashmit Yadav ‘s Oxford shoes. You can run.. but you can’t evade the Michael Myers Cereal killer shirt flying flipflop! Alisha Siddiqui Oh I used to think that only Pakistani moms use this torture device flipflop called in our language ‘flaying chappal ‘ and only they are fussy about this clean floor thing but after this video, I got to know that moms all over the world are same


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