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Ikeysha Tucker This happens all over the world, the Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women Shirt  indoctrination of slavery/cheap labor.  Less is more. Caroline Boulangère He looks to be out of touch with the starving people of his country. That double chin is a dead giveaway. Viajera MChus Everyone should leave the country and then he will have no people under his power. But as always supporters will stay and follow. Mtho Mabena What’s the purpose of bringing children whom you can’t afford, Cuz he won’t even help in bringing them up the parents are the ones who are going to suffer, of Which it’s going to add into poverty rate

Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women Shirt, Hoodie, ladies-tee, Tank top, and v-neck t-shirt

Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women hoodie
Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women ladies-tee
Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women tank top
tank top
Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women v-neck t-shirt
v-neck t-shirt


Serena Margherita Another Nicolae Ceaușescu and Missing And Murdered Indigenous Women Shirt  we all know how that worked out! Any leader who says this type of rubbish just leads the country into more ruin and a huge number of the ‘six kids’ hes urging a poverty-stricken nation to have inevitably ended up neglected or in orphanages! Who can forget the images of Romanian children tied to cots in the 1980s? Daphne Teoh How come people do not realize the US sanctions have made life from bad to worse in Venezuela? Why blame a man trying to save his country from being colonized by the USA? When China faced a similar situation and instituted the one-child policy China was demonized. When God said “go forth. Be fruitful and multiply” was the world in such abundance then?

Jamie Allsop Quite clever if you ask me! The poor and hungry had nothing, they elect someone to help, the rich and well-fed don’t like it, ask the USA to help, the USA impose sanctions to weaken the government in the hope the rich and well-fed can take control, coup fails, poor people still have nothing, poor people have more children future election victory guaranteed !!! Edwin Suarez He trying to replace the thousands of people who had to leave his. Country because of his Socialist ideasHadjer Viola Ayache Six kids? People are struggling with one and two kids, how can they manage six kids. This is unfair to the children, bringing them to this world to suffer.


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