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Mario Aguilar Monica loves the spotlight. I guess she’s now owning it. I don’t love it, but I get it. Kay Barnes, She did so on the advice of Linda Tripp, who said it would protect her in the event that legal proceedings took place. In fact, Tripp was manipulating her to Monicaseven seven seven shirt keep it as evidence against Clinton in the eventual litigation. Additionally, I never said she was innocent, once. She made a mistake and she was wrong. But she was 22. I’m sure you weren’t a perfect angel at 22 and have grown a lot since then yourself. Mario Aguilar, I think if you listened to her TED Talk maybe you would feel differently; I know it changed my mind about her.

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The Pussygrabber in Chief wouldn’t be here. Joseph Lewis Isn’t unfortunate that the current president can be an absolute nightmare but nothing happens to get rid of him. Mario Aguilar was an intern in her 20s and he was her boss aa well as the President. He was in a position of power, he knew better. Lewinsky was an adult woman when she decided to have sex with the president. I’m not excusing his behavior, but she was no innocent in this situation. Sure, make a film about how you knowingly had an affair with a Monicaseven seven seven shirt married man, and how you disgustingly saved a soiled dress without washing it. Clinton may be a disgraceful philanderer, but you were no better, so don’t pull the innocent victim BS. Why that was 20 years ago. Look at the President you’ve got now, and work on an impeachment film for him.




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