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My mom panicked and started begging me not to call CPS. I didn’t even know what that was or Monkey trouble shirt of condition my back was in. So I just hugged her so she would stop crying and then she told me several years later that she talked to my dad and told him that if he ever beat me that hard again there would be consequences. Unfortunately, I was beaten many many more times and nothing ever happened. Many people believe that it is okay to hit, slap or spank a child. While it is illegal to do so in most states, I will never lay a hand on my future children. Cruelty and child abuse like what I experienced will never be tolerated in my house.

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Edit) my mom was Monkey trouble shirt abused or victimized by my father. She In fact encouraged the punishments and would terrorize us by telling us that dad was going to belt us when he got home at the end of the day. I remember multiple occasions where he would get home after 9pm and my sister and I had gone to bed at around 8pm. My mom would wake us up and tell us that it was time for the belt. We would go downstairs and dad would be waiting in the living room with his belt. My sister and I would have to stand there and watch each other get belted. Then we would be sent back to bed.






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