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These are absolutely brilliant! Given that my pets are the Mr.Smile shirt derpiest goofballs around I could only imagine how the picture would turn out . These portraits are lovely and bring smiles at a time when smiles might be difficult for many. I actually think they’re great cartoons and the artist is actually quite skilled. The equivalent perhaps of Les Dawson and his ‘bad’ piano playing sketches when in fact he was quite adept at playing. They are awesome and they are made even more special by donating money made to the homeless!! What a wonderful special artist!!! Honestly felt overwhelmingly positive after seeing these. So much love. Thanks! I actually love the ginger dog! It’s obviously meant to be stylized, and I think it’s original and funny. Absolutely brilliant!!! Such a beautiful gesture to help a charity instead of lining his own pockets. Keep up with doodles, they’re fabulous!! Oh god – I love them so much – they are brilliant – I despise those cutesy, chocolate box, mega realistic images that people want of their pets – take a bloody photo – this captures their essence!!

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And Mr.Smile shirt well done for generously raising money for charity along the way! I think this man is awesome, he sums up what we need to think like as human beings. Do something to help others. There are many ways of volunteering. Do it, it makes you feel so good as well as help others.

I think it takes someone really gifted to capture the personality of an animal in a simple sketch. They’re awesome! Im a professional artist, and am impressed how he has just aced the personality of each one. They’re so good! They aren’t rubbish. I actually think they are pretty good and also very amusing. Children’s book illustrator I think. Also great that money is being raised too. Well done.


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