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Yet another example of humanity at its worst. The Muhammad Ali The Greatest shirt fact that ‘blasphemy’ still exists as a concept in this day and age of supposed enlightenment is proof that millions of people will always be backward in their mentality. I condemn the act of blasphemy. Respect and Love for all Prophets including beloved Prophet Muhammad .People killing each other for a pre-medieval story. And why is it assumed that something is immune to criticism or ridicule, and worse when you claim that your imaginary friend is omnipotent but needs you to defend him so that you can take away someone’s life for what exists only in your head. And when the houses, shops, and vehicles very specifically targeted in India recently by a large rally nothing happened then. A man was taken away by telling him of giving job and burned and beaten to death alive on live FB nothing happened then. Set fire to vehicles and attacked the police. Just a bunch of animals.

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Then they will say that the Muhammad Ali The Greatest shirt police were being brutal. When are people going to realize to shuts their mouths and stop mocking religions? No one is better than the other. We are going through such a life change because of covid 19 and they still have time to carry on over senseless things.1 person posted something on Facebook and they burned 250 vehicles. Don’t know what to say. Now will have to think 100 times before posting something.

These people are making a mockery of the so-called world’s largest democracy. After the perpetrator posted hatred, the police did nothing to capture the perpetrator. It incited people to show no mercy on law and order. Police are responsible to create this situation. Leadership by force, well you know your people that why you are behaving this way. 90% of the police force all around the world influences my sitting politics president. This is what my ground father told me about democracy it, will not anyway good for all countries. Enjoy your democracy.


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