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People have been doing this anyway so I’m sure they don’t think it’s anything exciting. But it’s wonderful for the Muppet Friends Shirt people who HAVE to be social distancing and following the rules, we can at least go round and see our families even at 2m after all these weeks apart. Can we not have a briefing without Cummings name coming into it. Ask a question that actually matters to this moment in time. Fed up with hearing the same thing. Really Laura Kuenssberg You pull a face at him, yet how many times have you twisted and turned all the cabinet ministers words. You are not a very nice person at all childminders can have children and parents in their house and hug them etc but we can hug our family. I know it’s good things are moving on but this really only helps small families. We are a family of 5 so this particular rule change is not very helpful to us.

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The emotional impact of this is massive. The Muppet Friends Shirt Government balancing being safe with the need for intimate contact is so hard Unfortunately my husband who has COPD and still shielding and got a letter since the beginning of lockdown still has to stay at home, it’s getting very frustrating for him not able to go out, like the rest of the people who can. Since people have already been doing this for weeks, I suppose it is appropriate that the rules finally catch up. Basically, he’s pretty much people in England get to see their families in back gardens, etc but not allowed in houses.
You guys should be thankful as Wales is still in lockdown want you to know that I will follow the science and medical recommendations to the letter, not because you’ve instructed me too but because I care about life, mine, my families, and my community. I will do this because it’s the right thing to do, not because I believe or trust a word that comes from you or your cabinet. But, I want you to know this too. If by some miracle, I get through this I promise you I will NOT forget what you have done, and what you refused to do and I will vote according to that when the time comes. I really hope everyone else does the same. You do not deserve that sacred office. You are unfit to hold it and you absolutely do not have the people’s best interest at heart. I am ashamed of this government.


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