My 401k is in honeybee shirt


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Shona Angus, We need to My 401k is in honeybee shirt stop farming animals in unnatural conditions. This outcome is a consequence of that practice. Fur farming is a totally unnecessary industry and has no place in the modern world. Trish Matthews While people continue to wear fur, animals will be treated in this horrendous way. Then we wonder why we keep getting these awful diseases. Shameful. Katharine Birks Such a typical human response – kill it based on the ridiculous premise that “the only life worth anything is human” – totally ignoring the fact the lifestyles/behavior of humans had caused this. I despair ! Mac Walen, They would cull us too if we were minks. We are lucky to be born humans, less chance to be culled.

My 401k is in honeybee shirt, hoodie, sweater, ladies-tee, v-neck t-shirt, and tank top

My 401k is in honeybee shirt
My 401k is in honeybee shirt
My 401k is in honeybee shirt
tank top
My 401k is in honeybee shirt
v-neck t-shirt


Mandy Williams They’re going to be murdered anyway, for My 401k is in honeybee shirt their fur..this This is just a little less suffering in their hellhole prison. Sheron Eastham Shouldn’t have 100,000 mink in the first place animal cruelty is the biggest disease humans have Pat Woodger This whole pandemic is the result of the unspeakable horrors people inflict upon animals. And still, the barbarity continues in the name of containing it. Katy Majumdar Financially compensates so that the poor animals can be purchased and bred again, kept in dismal conditions, and killed for their fur. When will we learn? Cengiz Kaya, I think I heard on the radio that a human passed it on to them. Only then to be culled. Through no fault of their own. That Sucks!BBC

Martin Russell, They said it couldn’t pass from Human to the animal. Tracie Donnelly taking into My 401k is in honeybee shirt account why these animals are in cages anyway – we really are the lowest species on the planet. If Spain’s Scientists have said there is no other way then the moral & ethical thing to do would be to burn the pelts after this despicable act. Mike Foley Minks with the coronavirus… They’ll just become coats. Next, the elephants will have the coronavirus for their tusks.


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